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Here you’ll find all the church blog articles that we produce at O’Connor Road church of Christ. If you read something that you would like to study about further, let us know by using our contact page

The Parable of the Father’s Last Words

There were three men lying in a hospital, all terminally ill.  The first man was a very wealthy and successful businessman.  His family was full ...
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The Daily Mountain

Though I have no experienceDiscount this message notFor the moral is importantAnd need not be forgot Of climbing I am speakingFor in the literal I ...
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“A Man After God’s Own Heart”?

This week I learned the heartbreaking news of a fellow gospel preacher who has fallen away from the faith. Though I was not close to ...
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Why Do Women Marry Losers?

We all see what is an apparent injustice in life; which is when a beautiful woman is married to an ugly man.  And by this, ...
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A Tale of Two Churches

Once upon a time there were two churches located within a big city.  Both churches had been established for decades, were sound in faith and ...
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Parable of the Survival Knife

Two men were involved in a plane crash early in the morning in a remote wilderness.  The small plane went down in a river, and ...
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