The Daily Mountain

David Osteen

Though I have no experience
Discount this message not
For the moral is important
And need not be forgot

Of climbing I am speaking
For in the literal I have not done
But observation has given me
A lesson for the course I run

The higher upon a mountain you climb
The less balance you possess
It is harder to keep from stumbling
And you have no ground for rest

The higher upon a mountain you climb
The less air there is to breathe
The very basic necessity of life
From you begins to take leave

The higher upon a mountain you climb
The farther you have to fall
Be careful lest you climb too high
And the fall be your last of all

The higher upon a mountain you climb
The more alone you are
There is little room for friends on the peak
Though you’ve come so far

Pride is the daily mountain
Upon which you climb
But you better start coming back down
Before you run out of time

For you do not want to lose your balance
As to the ground you go tumbling
For “Pride goes before destruction
And a haughty spirit before stumbling”
(Prov. 16:18)

You do not want to be alone
No matter how beautiful the view
For once you’ve reached the top
There’s no room to share with you

Climbing the mountain of Pride
Is truly not the way to the top
Unless you are seeking the pinnacle of self
Then I encourage you with diligence to stop

For staying at the bottom
Is the best place for you
For the exalted shall be humbled
And the humble exalted too (Luke 18:14)

Put your trust and faith in God
And this mountain do not climb
Serve God and man on this earth
Then God will raise you up in time.